Bar Kays Too Hot To Stop D.veloped Remix

Posted Nov 19, 2012

D.veloped, one of America’s up and coming remix artists has yet to make a household name for himself… which in my opinion is quite surprising, considering the fact that he’s a cross between DJ AM and Girl Talk. His latest remix is a not to the Funk era. Sick mix..


Parker SO BEAUTIFUL . Candyland Remix

Posted Nov 19, 2012

Candyland did a brilliant job of keeping this track gangster. Heavy rotation.


Dragon House Crew x Illusion of Choice DANCE VIDEO

Posted Nov 19, 2012

The Dragon House Crew shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon. Just when I thought we had seen everything from the Atlanta camp…… guys are on fire. Support the movement by sharing the art.


Rihanna x Kanye REMIX Diamonds

Posted Nov 19, 2012

Kanye West wasted no time getting on Rihanna’s latest track Diamonds. Kanye is in his element on this track. Dramatic. Emotional. Passionate. This remix surpasses the original by leaps and bounds. Enjoy


Kendrick Lamar Rhyming Words Freestyle

Posted Nov 19, 2012

Kendrick Lamar is the ANSWER. For anyone who has questioned him as a legitimate MC, well, look no further. Kendrick drops a “rhyming words” freestyle, where the radio show host throws out random words, and he incorporates them into a freestyle. This is next level, and easily challenges Eminem’s infamous one…



Posted Nov 19, 2012

Major Lazer just dropped a pretty serious remix to the CLASSIC electro track, Smack My Bitch Up, by british electro pioneers, Prodigy. Depending on how old you are, you may or may not remember these guys, but I can guarantee you that they paved the road for many of your favorite producers today. Enjoy this […]



Posted Nov 19, 2012

KRS One is no doubt a righteous teacher, and a skilled MC. I am a little confused by this track….. is it a song… or a PSA… or both? KRS walks you through the preparation and contents of a disaster kit, should anything happen. Interesting….


Pharrell x Chrissie Miller Interview

Posted Nov 19, 2012

Check out this interesting interview / arts n crafts session between Pharrell and Chrissie Miller. Enjoy~


Kid Cudi WZRD Video Teleport 2 Me

Posted Nov 19, 2012

I love this track, and Cudi really pulled through with a video that actually matches the melodramatic feel of the track. Besides Cudi’s diss of Canada’s greatest treasure, Nardwuar, the dude can do no wrong. I love his pension for experimentation in an increasingly shallow pop culture.


Arsonal vs Shotty Horroh BATTLE RAP VIDEO

Posted Nov 11, 2012

Even if you are not a big fan of Battle Rap, you have to understand it’s importance to the hiphop culture, and the skill and bravado that is displayed in these battles. New Jersey Native, Crip, and veteran in the game Arsonal, has flown out to the United Kingdom, to face the top european contender, […]



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