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Posted Jan 26, 2013

Who wants to listen to some gangsta shit? I know you do, that’s why I had to post this next remix by COM TRUISE. Synthwave is easily one of the most Gangster genres. Track makes me want to buy some dickies, some Chucks, jump in a low rider and floss through LA. Gansta shit. COM …


Flux Pavilion I FEEL IT

Posted Jan 26, 2013

You may remember Flux Pavilion from Kanye West’s powerful Electro Anthem “I CAN’T STOP,” if not, I think that you should give this guy a listen. He was one of the founding Dubstep producers, but has quite the strong ability to mix it up… personally I feel his strongest tracks are the straight up electro …


The New Division NIGHT ESCAPE Teeel Remix

Posted Jan 26, 2013

Unfortunately I know very little about Teeel, other than he/she/they make insanely good remixes. Teeel, hit me up at and fill me in.


Micky Papa is the KING OF VANCOUVER Video

Posted Jan 26, 2013

Micky Papa is the unofficial KING OF VANCOUVER. Besides being home to Cameo Wilson and Skate Legend Gailea Momolu, Vancouver now boasts one of the most technical and talented skaters out there today. Don’t believe me? Watch the video below. So sick.


Fake Moon Landing Debunked. Sorry Conspiracy Theorists

Posted Jan 26, 2013

Ok, before anyone gets crazy and wants to kill me for posting this, watch the video. Apparently the technology to “fake” the moon landing back then, would have been much more advanced, than actually LANDING ON THE MOON. Being a critical thinker and holding the government/authorities etc to task is not only admirable, but should …


25 Most Powerful People In Streetwear COMPLEX

Posted Jan 26, 2013

Since you have most likely been pondering on who the top 25 most powerful people in streetwear, as Jon Buscemi from COMPLEX Magazine sees it, well, here you are. Interesting read. I honestly can admit that I haven’t heard of a few of them. What do you think…. is he missing anyone? Article here: 25 …


Brent Townshend

Posted Jan 26, 2013

Although viewing these panoramic photos by Brent Townshend is not an easy task, you would be hard pressed to not identify the beauty in them. Apparently Brent is Canadian. How is there so much talent in a country with only 30 Million people?


NYT Interviews A$AP Yams VIDEO

Posted Jan 26, 2013

Watch this video if you are interested in seeing A$AP from a different point of view, other than Rocky. Meet A$AP Yams, the self proclaimed “Yoda” or spiritual Leader of the operation.


Underworld REZ Bassnectar Remix

Posted Jan 20, 2013

Bassnectar has taken Underworld’s track “REZ” which was originally released back in 1994, and not only given it new life, but has given it every PED (performance enhancing drug) that is available. Not to take anything away from the original…. or Underworld for that matter, but this remix is HUGE. You will not be disappointed.


Kendrick Lamar SWIMMING POOLS Religion Remix

Posted Jan 20, 2013

Los Angeles Duo Religion, remix their neighbor, Kendrick Lamar’s Swimming Pools. This track has gotten more than it’s fair share of remix attention lately, but this track easily stands out from the crowd. Enjoy.



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