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Manic Focus – Circles

Posted Feb 28, 2012

Manic Focus is one of our favorite up and comers in the game, and it’s good to see him making moves. Check out the new video for his brand new original track CIRCLES. If you aren’t familiar with Manic, this may jog your memory. Gary Jules Mad World REMIX…


Gary Jules – Mad World (Manic Focus Remix)

Posted Jan 5, 2012

Remember Donnie Darko? Remember the soundtrack and one of it’s standout tracks? Well Manic Focus has just dropped a seriously epic REMIX. It’s so unique and well done…I’m at a loss for words. Like this track and share it with friends…


RHCP – Dani California (Manic Focus Remix)

Posted Nov 25, 2011

Dani California is one of the most epic RHCP songs in my opinion, and this remix is dope, but does lack the energy of the original. Either way, check it out. Red Hot Chili Peppers – Dani California (Manic Focus Remix) by KineticMuzik…


Sub Focus TIDAL WAVE Video

Posted Oct 15, 2012

Check out the new video by Sub Focus featuring the Alpines. Well done visuals for this chilled out electro track. I have a soft spot for these types of songs. Follow Me on Twitter @seanyoung123 or @freshtronicblog Or Facebook…


Sub Focus TIDAL WAVE Flosstradamus Remix

Posted Sep 26, 2012

Chicago natives and leaders of the electro-hipster movement, Flosstradamus, drop a pretty serious remix of Sub Focus’s Tidal Wave. This is pretty much straight to heavy rotation. Check it out below….


Primitive Radio Gods – Standing Outside a Broken Phone Booth … (Manic Focus Remix)

Posted Jan 31, 2012

Just press play. You will remember this song, from the radio when you were a kid. Remix sounds good though. It’s funny to hear a remix of such an old track…. I never even knew the name of the original artists until now!…


Dani California (Manic Focus Remix) – Red Hot Chili Peppers

Posted Jan 10, 2012

Do I like this track because I love the original so much? Or is Manic Focus’s remix sex on wax? You be the judge big homie…


World Landmarks Reflected in Bubbles

Posted Jan 15, 2011

…nths later, as Tom was rediscovering these photos, something caught his eye. In the bubbles’ reflections, he found incredibly crisp detail. “I found there was a whole world within the bubble, a perfect world in focus,” Tom said.”    -Alice Click HERE to see all 10 photos…


Freshtronic Music, Art and Lifestyle Blog

Posted Jan 4, 2011

Freshtronic is a curated Music, Art and Lifestyle Blog. Our main focus is on HipHop and Electronic music, with a special interest in Remixes and Freestyles. At the end of the day, we are just trying to provide a place for dynamic music lovers who take pride in staying on top of the scene, with the most current and relevant tracks. Our audience for the most part, consists of educated trendsetters and earl adopters….


Lupe Fiasco AMERICAN TERRORIST 2 FatRat Remix

Posted Sep 8, 2012

Lupe Fiasco is getting a ton of airtime as of late, for several reasons. One, he claims to be retiring from the music game, to focus his time and energy on writing, after a twitter beef with the young uncharismatic rising star Chief Keef. This pisses me off because Lupe is one of the dopest MC‘s, and his music is infused with a message, while Chief Keef is a boring, uncharismatic kid, who in my opinion Lucked out, in finding fame in the m…