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Posted Jan 2, 2013

Brand new Video by ATL’s finest, REMOTEKONTROL. Apparently the RK threesome is a revolving door of Dragon House dancers… this time featuring iGlide, Chibi and Blueprint. So dope. I also had to add a new solo video that Iglide just sent me last night, featuring the track FONIK – RESOLUTIONS ft JODY. Kids, you want to get mad amounts of booty? Steal some of these dance moves. Iglide has more style than the next ten best danc…


Julius Iglide Chisolm Dancing to Ellie Goulding Hanging On Sound Remedy Remix

Posted Aug 12, 2012

Julius Iglide Chisolm recently got down to Sound Remedy’s extremely melodic remix of Ellie Gouding’s Hanging On. Iglide wrote the book on style. Share this video with all your peeps, they will thank you….


Iglide and Bluprint – Animation Dance Video (Dragon House)

Posted Jul 25, 2012

The big homies Iglide and Bluprint from the Dragon dance crew out of Atl, have a brand new visually stimulating video. I’m feeling this style, but I do miss the aggressive and smooth style displayed in the REMOTEKONTROL days. Either way, def worth a look….


New Dubstep Dance – IGLIDE from REMOTEKONTROL

Posted Oct 26, 2011

Dubstep Dance videos are taking over the interweb by storm. The latest video is of Iglide from the crew REMOTEKONTROL, and he really may be one of the sickest dancers alive. His style is so next level, it’s just really hard to compare him with anyone. He also frequents Freshtronic, so we have to say “what’s up Julius, don’t stop, the body-rock.”…


Android and iGlide of Dragonhouse DANCE CREW

Posted Jan 13, 2013

Here are two new videos out of the infamous DRAGONHOUSE dance crew out of Atlanta. I think that someone needs to put together another big dance battle for crews, and I think that I would have to throw the entire bank at these guys. Love these videos. Check them both out below. Android of Dragonhouse iGlide of Dragonhouse…


IGlide – Cruise Control

Posted May 15, 2012

Iglide kills it every time. Can’t wait to see this guy battle on a professional level….


Julius IGlide Chisolm in the Dance Studio

Posted Nov 3, 2011

Julius “I-Glide” Chisolm doing his thing in the dance studio. This video is a perfect reference as to why they call him I-Glide….


The Dragon House Dance Crew

Posted Aug 12, 2012

…us recently auditioned for So You Think You Can Dance, and even though his Cartooning dance style isn’t the accepted look for the show, the judges were blown away by the talent and he instantly became a crowd favorite. Julius Iglide Chisolm, besides having the dopest stage name, has one of the smoothest and most unique style that I have ever scene. My friends in LA, who work on a professional level cannot believe what he does, and can’t come clos…


Glitch From The Dragon House Crew (Superman Video)

Posted Apr 26, 2012

Cyrus Cy-Dirty Glitch Spencer, member of the now infamous Dragon House Crew, along with Nonstop and Iglide, has a brand new video, this time to a chilled out track by Robin Thicke. Dudes game is next level….. check it out below….


Lindsey Stirling CRYSTALLIZE Electro Violin

Posted Mar 10, 2013

This is a very interesting track, by progressive violinist Lindsey Stirling. This song dropped last year, and surprisingly fell under my radar. Crystallize is a dramatic and melodic piece, complimented by electro undertones. I actually stumbled upon this track through an acrobatic stripper named Justice, who does a Cirque de Soleil inspired routine. I just passed this track on to Dragon House dancer IGLIDE, so be expecting a video for this so…


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