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Marquese Nonstop Scott Michael Jackson Tribute Dance

Posted Aug 27, 2012

Marquese Nonstop Scott, tips his hat to Michael Jackson with a remarkable tribute dance. How Nonstop continues to step up his game is beyond me. This whole DRAGON HOUSE crew is blowing up….


Marquese NONSTOP Scott – Strange Clouds (Dubstep Dance)

Posted Jan 28, 2012

Marquese Scott aka Nonstop, from the crew REMOTEKONTROL is finally starting to pump out more videos, and the production is getting much better too. Video is dope. Check it out below:…


Nonstop from REMOTEKONTROL Killing It (Dubstep Dance)

Posted Sep 24, 2011

Marquese Scott aka Nonstop is just killing it these days. In this new vid, Nonstop throws it down to Butch Clancy’s remix of Pumped Up Kicks. I really think that it’s time that someone arranges a battle between Les Twins and Nonstop & IGlide. That one wouldn’t have trouble hitting a million views….


New Nonstop Dubstep Dance Video (Pharos – Filthy Keys)

Posted Oct 22, 2011

Our homeboy Marquese NONSTOP Scott has a brand new video, featuring the track “Pharos – Filthy Keys. Marquese straight kills it yet again. Enjoy…


Dubstep Robot Meeting (Video with NonStop from REMOTEKONTROL)

Posted Sep 4, 2011

Marquese Scott aka NonStop from the dance crew REMOTEKONTROL, has a new vid. Check it out. These guys have Mad Skills!…


Dragon House Dance Crew Throws Down (i-Glide, Nonstop, Freakshow, Chibi, Glitch)

Posted Mar 18, 2012

The freshest dance crew in the country throws down in this battle. Dragon House Roster MarqueseNonstopScott Christopher “Freakshow” Griffin Julius “iGlide” Chisolm Bryan “Chibi” Gaynor Cyrus “Glitch Spencer…


The Dragon House Dance Crew

Posted Aug 12, 2012

…Crew. I was first introduced to the guys when a Breakdancer friend of mine in LA sent me a link to this video REMOTEKONTROL. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. The video features Julius I-Glide Chisolm, Marquese Nonstop Scott, and Brian Chibi Gaynor. [Chibi is a Japanese slang for short person or small child. I was absolutely astounded from what I was seeing. The raw talent was impressive, but it was the style that these guys had that was…


NonStop’s Interview (Dubstep Dancer)

Posted Apr 26, 2012

Friend of Freshtronic and Atlanta Georgia native Marquese Nonstop Scott, takes a few minutes away from dancing to open up and give us a bit of his background, and rise to stardom over the last year. Dude is tight and deserves the spotlight. Freshtronic has been supporting Nonstop since day 1. Keep it up man….


Pumped Up Kicks Dance Remixed (Video

Posted Oct 15, 2011

Pumped Up Kicks Dubstep Dance video Remixed. I guess it was only a matter of time. Sick video. Really well done. It’s great to see Marquese Nonstop Scott getting all this attention these days, it is well deserved. We’d also like to see more from I-Glide and Gl!tch. Three of the best dancers on the globe in my opinion….


New REMOTE KONTROL Dance Crew Video

Posted Aug 21, 2012

I hate to admit it, but I have been waiting in anticipation for REMOTE KONTROL to drop another video for some time now. This latest video is missing something…. I believe it is Marquese NONSTOP Scott, instead, another member of the Dragon House Crew has taken his place. BLUPRINT. Dude is on Fire too. Also, Check out Iglide (Far Right) he just kills it when he’s rocking with the crew. You can really see him feed off of the energy of…