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Jus Fly Dunk Competition

Posted Jun 25, 2012

Canadian baller Justin “Jus Fly” Darlington wins the Nike Basketball dunk competition in style. Check out his winning dunk which garnered 10′s across the board from the judges.


KOTD – DNA vs EURGH (UK vs USA Rap Battle)

Posted Jun 24, 2012

Another big ass battle released by KOTD from the recent event in LA. UK’s Eurgh vs The US’s own DNA. Battle is sick…. a must see. Also keep your eyes open for an upcoming FREE event that will be streamed on U-Stream. Shout out to Travis Fleetwood & Lush One.


Kilian Martin: Altered Route

Posted Jun 24, 2012

It’s official. Kilian Martin has taken the torch from Rodney Mullen. This video is a must watch. Unbelievable.


Lunatik Taktik – Sick iPhone Case

Posted Jun 24, 2012

We don’t normally blog about gadgets unless they stand out from the crowd, and are something that we actually own. This iPhone case is a must have. How much have you spent on fixing your screens?


G-Shock x Nigel Sylvester – Dominican Republic (BMX Video)

Posted Jun 20, 2012

The big Homie Nigel Sylvester is getting down on his BMX in The Dominican. Sick Video. I was lucky enough to get hooked up with one of his LTD Edition G-Shocks last year upon the release. Decent watch.


Nardwuar x Metta World Peace

Posted Jun 20, 2012

What is Metta World Peace doing in Canada? Must have some ladies up there. Either way, he was intercepted by Nardwuar the Human Serviette for another memorable interview! Check it out!


2 Chains + Drake – No Lie (Video)

Posted Jun 18, 2012

The black and white vid is the trend these days for hiphop videos ie Mercy. Pretty dope video. Check it out. Drake & 2 Chains: No Lie


Down Under with Marc Arnold (Street BMX Video)

Posted Jun 18, 2012

I guess even the guys down under can bike, which amazes me. Who knows they could do more than just surf….. and rap battle. 360


Under Our Feet with Ryan Sheckler (Gopro Video)

Posted Jun 18, 2012

Sheckler with his second gopro video in as many weeks, and this time for Etnies. Kid is still tearing it up.


The Manhattan Project: New York Time Lapse Video

Posted Jun 18, 2012

The Big East Coast. This time lapse video of New York is magic. check it out.



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